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Autocarrier 1904-1914 Three wheeler goods carrier.
AC Sociable 1907-1914 Passenger version of the Auto Carrier.
AC Ten 1913-1916 Two seater and dickey or Sports two seater.
AC 1920-1927Two or four seater bodies.
AC Six (16/40, 16/56 and 16/66) Two or four seater bodies.
AC Six (16/60, 16/70, 16/80 and 16/90).
AC 2-Litre 1947-1958 Two and four door saloons, drophead coupé and tourer bodies.
AC Petite 1952-1958 Three wheeler with single front wheel. Two/three seater.
AC Ace 1953-1963 Two seat aluminium open sports bodies.
AC Aceca 1954-1963 Two seat aluminium sports coupé bodies with hatchback.
AC Greyhound 1959-1963 2 plus 2 coupe bodies.
AC Cobra 1962-1968 Two seat aluminum roadster.
AC Cobra 427/428 1964-1966 1983-1990 MK3 series. Aluminum bodied two seat roadster bodies.
AC Frua 1965-1973 Two seat open or coupé, steel body built in Italy.
AC ME3000 1979-1985.
AC Ace 1996-
AC Aceca 1998- Four seat coupé version of the Ace.
AC MkV 2005-2008
AC MkVI 2009-

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AC Six-Cylinder Sports Cars in Detail: 16/66, 16/70, 16/80, 16/90, Ace, Aceca & Greyhound, 1933-1963 USA UK Rinsey Mills (*Ad)
Original AC Ace and Cobra (Full Color Restoration Guides Series) USA UK Rinsey Mills (*Ad)
AC/Shelby Cobra: 1962 to 1968 (all models) (Owners' Workshop Manual) USA UK Gary Smale (*Ad)
Shelby Cobra: The Snake that Conquered the World USA UK Colin Comer (*Ad)
AC Cobra: The Complete Story USA UK Brian Laban (*Ad)
AC CARS 1904-2009 - ROAD TEST PORTFOLIO USA UK Brooklands Books (*Ad)
British Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design (Paperback) USA / UK Michel Zumbrunn (Author), Richard Heseltine (Contributor). (*Ad)
The British motor industry has created many of the world's landmark car designs. Its famous names - Jaguar, Bentley, AC, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin - are inextricably linked with some of the most recognized and coveted cars ever made. This beautifully presented book gathers together more than 50 of the most significant British cars designed between 1907 and the present, each one a milestone of British motoring heritage. (*Ad)
AC COBRA UK Rinsey Mills
Essential AC Cobra : The Cars and Their Story 1962-67 (Essential Series) UK Rinsey Mills (*Ad)
AC Heritage : From the Three Wheeler to the Cobra UK | USA Simon Taylor, Peter Burn (*Ad)
AC and Cobra USA John McLellan
Dalton Watson Cobra - AC & Shelby-American 1962-1968 UK Beki Adam (*Ad)
AC Cobra 1962 1969 (C567A) UK Clarke
AC Cobra UK B. Laban (*Ad)
AC (Shelby) Cobra UK F Wilson McComb (*Ad)

The AC Owners Club, CH, Tel: + 41 (0) 55 26 17 45, Fax: + 41 (0) 55 26 17 46
The AC Owners Club Limited, The ACOC exists to promote the preservation and enjoyment of all the different models built by the AC company from 1903. UK
The AC Owners Club Ltd, AUS, 88 Range Road, West Pennant Hills, New South Wales, 2125, Australia
The AC Owners Club Ltd, B, Chemins des Pins 13, Bruxelles, B-1180, Belgium
The AC Owners Club Ltd, F, 14 Rue Larrey, Paris, 75005, France
The AC Owners Club Ltd, D, Weiherweg 19, Grobenzell, D-82194, Germany
The AC Owners Club Ltd, NL, C.P. Louwen, Harmen Kokslaan 9-11, Delft, 2611 TN, The Netherlands, Tel: + 31 (0) 15 214 46 69, Fax: + 31 (0) 15 214 46 69
The AC Owners Club Ltd, USA, 11955 S.W.Faircrest Street, Portland, Oregon, OR 97225-4615, USA, Tel: + 1 (503) 643 3225, Fax: + 1 (503) 646 4009 Cobra Car Club Inc
Cobra Car Club of NSW
Cobra Car Club of Victoria
Cobra Car Club of Western Australia
Cobra Car Club of Queensland
Melbourne Cobra Owners Club





AK Sportscars AK Sportscars Ltd is based in Peterborough in the UK specialising in the design and manufacture of one of the finest cobra kit replicas in the country Ð the AK 427.


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