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With a lack of space in Sweden, the P1800 was originally assembled by Jensen in West Bromwich. With its body made in Scotland and most of the ancillary parts from other British companies. It could almost claim to be a British Sports car. Unfortunately there we quality issues after 6000 cars were produced, assembly was shifted to Sweden. These models were known as "1800S"s.

The 1778cc engine came from Volvo's Amazon 120. With modification it could produce 100 bhp and 105 mph. In 1963 it was raised to 108 bhp and in 1966 to 115. A bigger 1986cc engine came in 1968 and in 1969 the injected 130 bhp was fitted to 1800E. In 1971 the 1800ES estate was released. The last 1800 was produced in 1973.

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