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The original TVRs were based on a multi-tubular chassis, upon which a variety of fibreglass bodies could be fixed. The cars could be powered by any number of small engines. By 1958 a kit-car that looked a little like the Lotus Elite had evolved. This basic model went unchanged whilst the company went through many financial difficulties. The original TVR company collapsed in 1964.

A new company called TVR Engineering was formed in 1965 and during these early days two models, the Griffith and the Grantura were available. In 1967 the Grantura was redesigned to become the Vixen and the Griffith to become the Tuscan. The Tuscan was available generally with a Ford V6 that was fitted to the Capri and the Reliant Scimitar and an American Ford V8.

In the early 70s the company focused on producing assembled cars. In 1977 a model called the Turbo was produced using a turbo-charged version of Ford's V6 engine. The bodies were restyled in the same year and a Taimar hatchback and convertible were added.

1980 saw the introduction of the Tasmin, which was designed by Oliver Winterbottom who been involved in designing the Lotus Elite and Eclat. This car was powered by the Ford Capri 2.8 litre engine. In 1984 came the two seater convetible TVR 350i using a Rover V8 Vitesse powerplant. Further variants were added using 3.9 and 4.2 litre engines, the 390i and the 420SEC respectively.

Grantura        1958-67
Griffith V8     1963-66
Vixen           1967-73
Tuscan V8       1967-70
Tuscan V6       1969-71
1600M           1972-77
2500M           1972-77
3000M           1972-79
3000S           1978-79
Taimar          1976-79





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