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The Standard Motor Company under Sir John Black had commissioned a touring car known as the TRX. The project was cancelled because it was too expensive. After a failed attempt to buy Morgan, Black set his design team the challenge of producing a cheap and simple car that could give Standard a share of the US sports car market. Black had bought Triumph after the world, the car side of the Triumph business had gone broke in 1939 and decided to use that name to market the car. The car was to be cheap and he didn't want comparisions with Standard vehicles.

Black gave the engineer Harry Webster and stylist Walter Belgrove just £16,000 for tools to make the body. Using Standard parts they produced the Triumph 20TS. Former racing engineer Ken Richard completed reworked the 20TS and made it as fast as the Austin-Healey 100. The new car was called the TR2 and went into production in 1953. It sported a 2 litre Standard Vanguard engine and was an instant success.

In 1956 a face-lifted version of the TR2 was launched as the TR3. The only part of the car that was obviously different were the disc brakes, a first on a mass produced car. A year after its launch for the US market the TR3 gained a full width radiator grille and and up-dated engine and was called the TR3A. The model was a such a success that it was eventually sold into other markets.

In 1961 a new body shape was conceived and the TR4 was born. In contrast to previous models this was more luxurious to compete with new sports cars such as the Sunbeam Alpine. In 1965 came a major redesign of the back suspension and the engine changed from a Standard Vanguard 2.0 litre to the Triumph 2000. This model was known as the TR5 or TR250 in the US. It was later rebodied as the TR6

The TR7 was based on the Dolomite saloon and had controversial wedge-shaped styling. A V8 was sloted into the TR7 for the US market and was known as the TR8. In 1981 the financial troubles at British Leyland resulted in the closing down of Sports Cars production.


TR2            1952-55
TR3            1955-57
TR3A/TR3B      1957-62
TR4/TR4A       1961-67
TR5/TR250      1967-68
TR6            1969-76
TR7            1975-81
TR8            1979-81


Rust is the problem to look out for on these models. There is a separate chassis so that the sills are not structural. Any point where the body touches the chassis there is likely to be rust. Gearboxes and steering boxes will fail. Spares are scarce.


The TR4 brought improvements. Rack and pinion steering and ally synchromesh gearbox and the TR4A gave the buyer better seats, windup windows and a collapsible steering column. They rot in the same places but engines are reliable.


The TR5 was a stop-gap model but included a new engine that gave 150 bhp. In the US with emission controls in mind the car badged as a TR250 only had 104 bhp. Karman were given the job of designing the TR6. The engine was detuned in 1972 for the UK to 124 bhp. Other than rust the big problem was the fuel pump but these have generally been resolved. Check whether the VIN plate is the original or whether is it a US model that has been converted.


The TR7 was more of a British Leyland venture, with similar designs aspects and parts found on other BL models of the era. The convertible and the TR8 came too late in the cars life cycle. Rust is still a problem and especially so because the sills are structural.

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