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Morris Minor

The Minor was designed by Issigonis who later went on to design the Mini. In 1948 he came up with for its time the most advanced small car in the world. The car looked like no other on the road and remained in production for 27 years.

Minor MM		    1948-53
      MM Tourer       1948-53
	S2              1952-56
	S2 Tourer       1952-56
	1000            1956-71
	1000 Tourer     1956-69
	1000 Traveller  1956-71

1100 / 1300

The Morris 1100 /1300 was a derivative of the ADO16, the UK's best-selling car during the 1960s. It was launched on August 15, 1962. The rebadged versions, included the twin-carburettor MG 1100, the Vanden Plas Princess (from October 1962), the Austin 1100 (August 1963), and finally the Wolseley 1100 (1965) and Riley Kestrel (1965). The Morris badged 1100/1300 finishes in 1971, but Austin and Vanden Plas versions continued in production in the UK till June 1974.

The estate version was known as the Traveller and was launched four years later than the saloon in 1966.

Mark I (1962Ð1967) 
Mark II (1967Ð1971) 
Mark III (1971Ð1974) 

The ADO16 (Austin Drawing Office project number 16) was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis who also designed the Mini. The model featured the BMC A-Series engine, mounted transversely and driving the front wheels.

Styling was carried out by Pininfarina, the Italian styling studio who also designed the Austin A40 Farina.

Mark I (1962Ð1967)

The Mark I Morris 1100 as a four door saloon or a three door estate.

Mark II (1967Ð1971) With the Mark II came the 1300 with a 1275 cc engine. A wider grill and slightly different tail lights allowed customers to tell the difference between the Mark I and Mark II. 1969 saw the introduction of the 1300 GT, featuring the same 1275 cc engine as the MG 1300.

Rust is the number one issue on these cars, being over 45 years old. However replacement panels are easy to source. If you find one with rust expect a big hole in your wallet. The 1275cc engine with a single or twin carb are sought after. Look out for low oil pressure or high fuel consumption mean a rebuild is in order but once again parts are easy to find.


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