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Alfa Romeo 164 1987-1998

By the mid-1980s the days of the smaller manufacturer's were numbered. Alfa collaborated with Fiat and SAAB to finance a new chassis design. The result was the same chassis for the 164, the Fiat Croma, Lancia Thema and SAAB 9000. By the time the 164 was launched to the public Alfa was under the control of the Fiat company. It was also the last Alfa sold in the USA. In Hong Kong and Malaysia it was sold as the 168

The 164 had a number of firsts for the company. It was first to use Computer Aided Design, first large front wheel drive car, first of the modern Alfas upon which all subsequent models have followed the theme and was the fastest diesel of its time.

When purchasing the main thing to look for is the electrics. Bad earth connections are an issue and and can be difficult to resolve. The ventilation system is let down by plastic parts in the servomechanisms, however it is possible to buy metal aftermarket replacements. These parts were also used on the 166.

bbb The engine should have no rattles at either low or high revs. Check the service history and ensure that the cam belt have been changed on schedule.

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